The Law of the Land by Red Hawk

The Law of the Land (Paperback)
by Red Hawk

May 19th 2020

by Aubade Publishing
Original Title The Law of the Land


(ISBN13: 9780984549481)

An assortment of stories and poems from an anthropological view of the Native American culture, from first contact to the destruction. With parts and pieces of historical figures in the conflict and remembrance.
Interviews of native american figures like Sitting Bull.
and of Indian killers.. why they did the deeds the reminder that the conflict has two sides. Its a hard story in history for people to understand.

To sleep in a Sea of stars (sneak peek)

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Sneak Peek (ebook)
by Christopher Paolini

May 19th 2020

by Tor Books


(ISBN13: 9781250794093)

the young writer i grew up with has grown up literally. Christopher Paolini has produced another story that the avid fan can follow. This is a little darker than Eragon, and has more substance as well. The first extraterrestrial xeno contact with humanity, is just the tease. Horrific and heroically he portrays the events, where the reader is glued to the page trying to see if their character finds a solution to the mounting problems, and grief before her. His development of character, and plot twists is riveting. I found it hard to sleep trying to get through this tease of the book, I can not wait for the release and to finish the story.

A Blight of Blackwings (Seven Kennings, #2)

A Blight of Blackwings (Seven Kennings, #2)
by Kevin Hearne

February 6th 2020 by Orbit

(first published February 4th 2020)
Original Title A Blight of Blackwings

(ISBN13: 9780356509617)

A Twist on the normal format of story telling. Actually having the character be the story teller. This book is the second in an astounding series. The book shows the further development of the Kennings, with the eighth kenning being the aspect that may either destroy the world or save it. Kevin Hearne had a way of twisting plots, taking story ploys and changing them in unpredictable ways. The story is a dark look into the minds of men.

Hiding Hannah

Hiding Hannah

by Marnie Cate
ASIN: B088G23H6V
It’s surprising what you don’t expect in the story of the religious extremes. Unfortunately we are finding that the story of Hannah is not far from the truth. In real events women and children are exploited by religious zealots all the time. The men and elders of a religious cult warp scripture to fit their plans and make the women and children obey, and submit to things that would be unacceptable in modern culture. The ideology of making others be subject to your whims always leads to corruption. Hannah’s story is not far from the true reality that these women and children face everyday. The manipulation and lies leads more and more people to be subject to very disturbing treatments. This book is an eye opener. I hope that as society learns of these events more people stand up for the religious minority and make it safer for these women and children. Marnie brings to light these horrific events in a way that the reader understands the pressure and manipulations that ensnare families, and particularly children in these extreme situations. I hope that this story will bring to light the treatment of these women, but also bring a solution to the mass manipulation of these diabolical individuals. Finding a place where people can have belief, respect and safety. This story is almost as shocking as the original Flowers in the attic series was about the evils men and women do to each other. I would think it would be the greatest of cautionary tales for young women.

The Ingredients of You and Me

The Ingredients of You and Me (Hopeless Romantics, #3)
by Nina Bocci52686731._SX318_SY475_

  • April 28th 2020 by Gallery Books
  • Original Titlethe ingredients of you and me
  • isbn: 150117889X
  • isbn13: 9781501178894

Like Lewis Capaldi song; Grace, Parker did not want to be another of Nick’s mistakes. Her affair with Nick changed her focus from her bakery, Delicious and Vicious to finding something that is more inspiring. Parker had spent years developing her Bakery, the idea, based on her reaction to the end of an old relationship. After the sale of her business she feels that she has lost her mojo. She is unable to bake, she feels lost. Parker went to Hope Lake to find it. Her best friend Charlotte is there with the Golden Girls, and they have a challenge for her. Only problem, Nick is in Hope Lake, she has not only has to face the man whom Ghosted her, but find the mystery why, with everything clicking he stopped talking to her.
The Ingredients of you and me, shows the struggles in modern society in relationships. Everyone becomes involved in a relationships in a small town. The struggle is finding how to communicate your feelings and try to genuinely connect. The Golden Girls, have lessons not only in baking for Parker, but in being true to her feelings. This is a great book of showing how talking can solve many problems, and bring out the truth of a person.

Berlin is never Berlin

Berlin Is Never Berlin: A Original
by Marko Kloos41D89wEY4dL

Haven’t tried Wild Cards yet, this is the Crime and espionage book to get the tough guys intrigued.
You have your half man half tiger wild card… yes he is becoming a favorite Marko Kloos, hes a great character. You have Berlin, Germany already has a big place in espionage, and the east meets the west conflict still rings true to the Cold war babies. You have a big star, who is over the top with her party world, okay she is not as into it as her friends, but you get the picture. I love these little stories in the Wild cards world, they give you a window into the next book , and something to dream about. Thank you for another great story.

Kitty Raises Hell

Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, #6)
by Carrie Vaughn4894646

  • March 1st 2009
  • by Grand Central Publishing
  • Original Title Kitty Raises Hell
  • ISBN0446199540
  • (ISBN13: 9780446199544)

Its an interesting twist on raising hell. Fires that burn people from inside, fires that start with out combustion, protection by blood and ruin powder… Like I said interesting twist. The cult in Los Vegas is not done with Kitty, and sends something and someone to see if Rick and Kitty are willing to deal. The advise of old friends comes into play, and the inspiration of new friends. This is a thrill seeker, with a number of Denver Landmarks to be thrown in. Good one on ya

The Trustworthy One

The Trustworthy One (Walnut Creek #4)49931330
by Shelley Shepard Gray

  • May 5th 2020
  • by Gallery Books
  • ISBN198213383X
  • (ISBN13: 9781982133832)

This is the second in the series that I have had the pleasure to read. Its light hearted in majority of context. This particular volume looks at some of the darker side of the Amish and Mennonite world.
The series starts with a suicide and friends drawing back together, the Eight is a group of young children of mix origin that group together to remember their lost friend. The trustworthy one is stepping out of the original Eight to show the other side of the culture and small town. Kendra is a survivor, she protected her younger siblings from their abusive father. The abuse left her with a lot personal daemons, and insecurities. The book shows how to over come adversity, and grief, and allowing yourself to forgive. Its very moving, and will bring the reader to tears. It was a wonderful story.

Finding Om

Finding Om
by Rashmi S. Bismark, M.D., M.P.H.

  • May 12th 2020
  • by Mango and marigold press
  • 51826894._SX318_ISBN139781645433873

A young girl wants to find out what her Appuppa is doing, she finds that he is meditating, and using a very old word that will help her to refocus her mind, making her more creative, and connected to the world. Its a beautiful explanation for kids to learn about this meditation practice and understand that they can learn self control too.

The List of Things That Will Not Change

The List of Things That Will Not Change
by Rebecca Stead44900082

  • April 7th 2020
  • by Wendy Lamb Books
  • ISBN1101938099
  • (ISBN13: 9781101938096)


I found this a remarkable young adult reader. It has many connections for young readers looking a divorce, how to talk about your feelings, how to express your concerns, great advice and example of adaptations to change. The young girl has a lot to deal with not only her family changing but seeing how the reasons for the changes are not always bad. The book looks at so many parts of the process, not only best practices, but also looking at how you can accept others as they are. In the end I think readers will understand that there are many ways to become a family and find acceptance.