Discord’s Apple

Discord’s Apple

by Carrie Vaughn7516001

  • July 6th 2010
  • by Tor Books (first published January 1st 2010)
  • Original Title Discord’s Apple
  • ISBN0765325543
  • (ISBN13: 9780765325549)

I took too long to read this amazing book. Carrie Vaughn is able to weave an amazing braid of story lines, the book connects to source material as much as possible. Taking Greek mythology she wove it into a modern story with links to historical books and events. Which will be a great connection for young adult readers to find the desire to connect to the original stories from Homer.
The main character, an author of modern comic strip, has an interesting family heritage. She is tied to a history that goes a long way back. The secondary character is a survivor from the Trojan war who has ties to the Greek Gods themselves. Carrie ties these characters to her own brand of mythology, that the gods were magicians who had great powers that connected them to the people that worship them. I hope to find a copy to give to my schools in the hopes of fostering more readers.


Roger, the Jolly Pirate

Roger the jolly pirate
By Brett Helquist820092

  • Roger, the Jolly Pirate (Hardcover)
  • isbn: 1422391825
  • isbn13: 9781422391822
  • format: Hardcover
  • Published January 1st 2008 by DIANE Publishing Company

What an interesting twist on the old story. I could have happened that way.. makes light of the traditional pirate flag.. but as a children’s book it holds their interest.

Hip Hop Speaks to Children With Audio CD: A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat (A Poetry Speaks Experience)

Hip hop Speaks to children
By Nikki Giovanni3743168

  • Published October 1st 2008
  • by Sourcebooks
  • Original Title Hip Hop Speaks to Children With Audio CD: A Celebration of Poetry with a Beat (A Poetry Speaks Experience)
  • ISBN1402210485
  • (ISBN13: 9781402210488)

A collection of poems by various African American poets artist and hip hop stars that talk about the power of words. The use of words, and the meaning of words. The poems are as varied as the authors. I did not listen to the cd.

The bad guys episode 6 alien vs Bad guys

The bad guys episode 6 alien vs Bad guys
By Aaron Blabey36127504._SX318_

  • Published March 27th 2018
  • by Scholastic
  • ISBN133818959X
  • (ISBN13: 9781338189599)

I really laughed out loud as I read this. The kids were reading and I was quiet bored so I picked up the book. It’s an original idea.. the bad guys a group consisting of a shark , wolf piranha and a snake are trying to be heroes. Outside of a few… butt jokes it is hilarious how this author pitts these characters against each other.. they have to learn to rely on each other to win but it is the fault of their character traits that stands in their way.

The Bad guys Episode 4 attack of the Zittens

The Bad guys Episode 4 attack of the Zittens
By Aaron Blabey32599366._SX318_

  • Published October 1st 2016
  • by Scholastic Australia (first published 2016)
  • Original Title The Bad Guys in Apocalypse Meow
  • ISBN1760158771
  • (ISBN13: 9781760158774)

I giggle as I read this.. out side of the normal poop jokes it is funny.
The characters battle the evil Mr Hampster but it’s not the only disagreement they have. They do have quite the problem working together and the author has a hilariously wicked sense of humor.. but the characters Learn about strength and weakness, team work and understanding as this group of bad guys try to be heroes.

We found a hat

We found a hat
By Jon Klassen28473874._SX318_

  • We Found a Hat (Hardcover)
  • isbn: 0763656003
  • isbn13: 9780763656003
  • format: Hardcover
  • Published October 11th 2016 by Candlewick Press

An enduring book of friendship, sharing and the value of understanding. Two turtles found a single hat. They both like it. They both look good in it. But there is not enough for both of them to have it. Now they have to solve the problem.. the solution is entirely enduring.

Thunder Boy Jr.

Thunder boy jr.26244910._SX318_
By Sherman Alexiw Yuyi Morales

  • Published May 10th 2016
  • by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Original Title Thunder Boy Jr.
  • ISBN0316013722
  • (ISBN13: 9780316013727)

    A young boy likes how he is connected to his father. How he shares traits with his father. But in the end sees that he’s not exactly a copy, a junior. He finds his own name.
    Teaches family honor, pride
    Traditional values
    And cultural differences
    And seeing yourself among the puzzle of family and world for each child.
    You need to find your own place


by J.M. Northup47190611._SX318_

  • Published July 22nd 2019
  • by Norns Triad Publications (first published July 8th 2015)

This is a great short story. The book takes the concept of social acceptance to a different level. In general it’s a sweet teenage love story but the concept is broader. The idea that we can accept people because we can understand the differences between us and them, is something needed it schools. The following book is on my list to see the concept fully explored. The characters are relate-able and enduring.


J.M. Northup47190607._SY475_

  • Published July 22nd 2019
  • by Norns Triad Publications

The second in her series on the Sasquatch that focuses on prejudices and bully proofing. The book takes a step out of reality  introducing a Crypt-ed to see that our hatred and judgment of others is not founded in fact. The reason people hate others is that they do not get what they want even if they don’t earn it. The main characters have to face the reality that their choices affect others in both positive and negative ways. Thought their motives are good it’s not always the best policy. It’s a great way of looking and accepting behavior and understanding our need to categorize things. I think this book can help children understand the motivations of people who are prejudiced and how best to react to them. I love the fact that Julie Northup uses the school administration and the law to protect her characters. This may help children understand that you have help out there and that adults understand what is happening. I love the fact that the town comes out to stand next to those who were bullied and that changes everything.

Audible: People of the Earth

People of the Earth (North America’s Forgotten Past #3)51AE+dnOwWL._SL500_

By: W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear

Narrated by: Mark Boyett

Length: 23 hrs and 57 mins


Mark Boyett has an amazing way of bringing the story to life, as you listen to his words, you hear the subtle things that you missed when reading the book. Heart mountain stands out much grander than in the book. The Hot Springs at Thermopolis become this hidden gem, and the sideways mountains before the Wind River Basin become magical.  The characters motives and ideals stand out remarkably. You see the innate evil in Big Man, the connection to Raven Hunter becomes so real that you are linked back to the original story People of the Wolf, just by his nature evoked by the voice given by Mr. Boyett. Still Water is calmer, soothing, in his tones making the listener question why everyone in the story does not see him as the wonderful man he is.  The awe of the one and the circle become more enhanced by the performance. 


The story begins with a description of common practice in modern times of project managers wanting to hurry their projects as the consequence of history.


White ash is a dreamer, who is taken by power from her people to allow her to grow up with love and understanding. In an attempt to change the future he strives to change the path of man from harmony to discord. White ash must face her greatest fears, and learn to love in the impossible areas to learn to dream back the people to the spiral and continue the path of Wolf Dreamer, and Fire Dancer.


Bad Belly becomes her husband because is uncommon love and understanding is the only way that White ash will be able to balance the world of the One, and the illusion of the world of man.


Wind Runner a new leader of the people, leaves all his remaining family to be with the woman he loves, only to learn strength and thought and understanding in the arms of another woman.


Brave Man a corrupt man who finds the edge of power and dreams a way of controlling White ash and power to make his own vision of the world.


Sage Ghost a grieving man learns that loss can only strengthen you, and love can only fill you.


Character List:

People of the Earth


Dreamer: White Ash dreamer, as a young girl stolen from herpeople so that she will have the opportunity to dream. She is called the“Mother of the people”.


BadBelly/ Still Water: cousin and friend of white ash,learns to lover her although he does not think well of himself, has a bad armlost to a snake bite.


WindRunner: in the sun people clan her cousin because ofthe man who adopted Whiteash, love interest


BraveMan: a childhood friend changed by power because of ahead wound, is corrupted and false dreamer.


Singingstones: the old dreamer of the earth people, changedhis view of power after touching the wolf bundle.


Wolfdreamer/ fire dancer