The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)
by Roshani Chokshi39863498
  • January 15th 2019
  • by Wednesday Books
  • Original Title The Gilded Wolves
  • ISBN 125014454X
  • (ISBN13: 9781250144546)
The dynamic end of the story gives the book its title, like the hit review shows, the movie is over when they say the title of the movie. Gilded wolves is a dynamic and mythical world with its own unique twist and theory. The premise that the Tower of Babel has more to the story of history then an obscure reason for the dispersal of humanity, and its diversity. The cause and effect of this dispersion in this story has an alternative Cause and Effect. Is it quantum ideology that changed the story or is there some magic. This book does a great job of taking this obscure biblical story and creating the question, why would God, with all his might fear man building a monument to show its own divinity.
The characters are extremely detailed with backstories that could only take many books to finally encompass. They are appealing and intriguing in their present form, but also gives the reader the desire to find out more of the stories. Not only what will happen next the characters, but what really happened with S’everin’s fathers Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath. How the Forge will change the world, and will Laila find the reason for her creation, and purpose. What a great idea has born a new world to readers of supernatural fiction.


Wind Rider

Wind Rider (Tales of a New World, #3)

by P.C. Cast38714370

  • October 16th 2018
  • by Wednesday Books
  • ISBN 125010078X
  • (ISBN13: 9781250100788)

I was waiting for this one for a while, and now I will be waiting for the next part of the story. It is amazing how involved this author is in her worlds. When you read her stories the world the character lives in is so dynamic, and unique. I find myself lost in this world after the Apocalypse, believing that maybe it would be possible to survive the lost of the world. That people would find solace in others, and belief systems that help them survive. The dynamics of another group of people connected to the remaining animals is so broad and diverse. I love the use of distance and closeness that shows that we will survive the worst of times and the best of times and still remain human. The people are not wholly perfect, they don’t have everything figured out, and there is a lot to learn and rediscover, but you struggle with these characters to find a better place. It’s a great series, and this book just adds to the addictive nature of the narrative. The Arc of the story line leaves the reader with some solutions but more of a need to see what happens next.

WereGirl: Typhon

by C.D. Bell40006129

  • November 1st 2018
  • by Chooseco
  • ISBN 1937133605
  • (ISBN13: 9781937133603)

the third in a trilogy of genetic manipulation and mythology of cryptids animals. The thought that science will explain everything sometimes can cause more problems than it solves. After surviving her mother’s loss, becoming a werewolf, and finding her long lost father our main character has a number of things to work through. The prior books covered the previous storylines, this book looks into her accepting the reality she has been handed. This book first of all looks into the question can she trust her father? Secondary mystery is her mother alive or dead? And the eternal personal struggle we all face will she ever find love? How can she achieve her mother’s request protect her brother and sisters, and herself and get to know her father and why her mother abandoned him. This is a coming of age book, that allows children to explore their own set premiers of life.

Review: The Peace Dragon

The Peace Dragon
by Linda Ragsdale42375207

  • September 12th 2018
  • by Flowerpot Press
  • ISBN 1486714668
  • (ISBN13: 9781486714667)

The Peace Dragon is a short tale that will help the youngest readers understand the value of taking a moment, and observing something before making any decisions. A young boy finds a hidden Dragon. He is scared at first ready to run away screaming, but he finds when he looks closer the dragon is covered in scales made of hearts. Because he did not run he makes a new friend. That friendship grows, and the child wants to show his small village the dragon. A slight miss understand may change the whole advent of this adventure. A sweet story of friendship and learning.
title only get a black screen, I tried two down loads and was still not able to read this volume

Review: The Fade

The Fade
by Demitria Lunetta39076114

  • December 11th 2018
  • by Delacorte Press
  • ISBN 152476633X
  • (ISBN13: 9781524766337)

What an interesting twist on the haunted house story. A young girl moves to a new town because of financial hardships that happen to her previously strong middle class family. In hopes of continued unity of her family they choose a to move to a small town closer to her older sisters new college. The housing market in the town has hit a slump, allowing the family to afford a new house. But this windfall comes with more than the family bargained for. Their youngest daughter immediately notices a problem with her new house. Her internal argument that she does not like the house because she did not want to move and what she is seeing before her eyes. The author takes the reader on a crazy tale of haunting, serial murder and mystery, with the twist at the end bringing the reader to a shocking revelation. Demitria Luneatta has created the Halloween classic for the young readers of the day.

Review: Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em (Wild Cards, #27)51QMLzxd70L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

by George R.R. Martin  

  • November 6th 2018
  • by Tor Books
  • Original Title Texas Hold’em (Wild Cards, #27)
  • ISBN 0765390590
  • (ISBN13: 9780765390592)

Bubbles and the Band Trip By Caroline Spector

Dear Dear Dear, Caroline, what a wonderful story. I really appreciate the lighter theme of this book. I know that Wild Cards seems to go through cycles, from light to dark stories, in triplicates is part of what a long term reader expects from the series. I am happy that you were the main interstitial of this lighter look at the Wild Card universe. Your voice was seen throughout the story, the humor, and sarcasm punctuated the book in remarkable ways. I have always loved Bubbles, and to see her dealing with teenage Adesina brings such a human quality to story. I am amazed by your knowledge of Band competitions, and Jazz. The books could be a lesson in both of those topics on their own. I like to see the ACE characters having to deal with normal everyday things. It’s outlandishly funny and poignant that Bubbles has to struggle not to “bubble” everything that annoys her.  That her strong aggressive nature does not help her in the annoyances of normal life. The dynamics of motherhood, being a chaperone, not only make the story but the fact that you are looking at prejudice and radical groups reminds us what the series originally brought to light. Great job.


The secret life of Rubberband by Max Gladstone

Welcome Max Gladstone, I have been waiting a while for your contribution. Although I did preview the Tor release of “Fitting in”, I like the nuances of your Wild Cards character. The idea that what works for other characters in the series, namely the American Hero Television show, did not benefit all those who joined the show. Mr. Ruttiger has a place in the series, his flexible ability, and morphemic body shape is something I can see continuing through the series, I hope he will be as beloved as other characters in the series. I love your new voice in the books, and your relaxed writing style. Welcome.


Jade Blossom’s brew William F Wu

Welcome back Mr Wu, its has been a while, I was excited that you would come back to the series when I heard at Bubonicon that you had a new story. I was hoping to see Lazy Dragon, but Jade Blossom is another remarkable character that you created. Your remarkable ability to add another element of race and perception to the Wild Card series has always been one of the hallmarks of the series. Your story adds to the story one more pound of frustration to the main character and makes the tension increase in the story. Thank you for adding your voice to the series again.


Beats, Bugs and boys by Diana Rowland

Welcome Diana Rowland, It’s been a while that this reader of the series has waited for your contribution of the series. I knew when you came in over two years ago to the series, and wanted to see what you would bring to there series. One Beats, and Bugs and boys… fits, your writing style and your ability to bring a new voice into this complex series is admirable.  Looking at the story you added has become one of the key stories in the book. Your viewpoint of a child who had no contact with the Wild Card world dealing with her own power and ability is refreshing and will help new fans understand the series.


Dust and the Darkness by Victor Milan

Oh my my my, the last solo Victor Milan story, can I take a moment and breath that in. In the Texas hold’em story this story so seamlessly steps into the story as a beloved fan I had to take a breath. Melinda Snodgrass and GRRM great job of editing and placing the story. How do I feel? Frustrated that Dust and Darkness will not get a solo novel. Victor has a way of making characters you want to know more about.  Darkness is an intriguing character. Why does she have the ACE ability to create darkness? How absolute is that darkness? How long does it stay after her, so many questions? Dust, his backstory, where he is in life, where he is going, it needs to be told. The idea that a broken bull rider can find a new lease in life is so poignant with the reality that this is one of the last stories we get from this prolific and wonderful man.  The idea that you can go on and find purpose in life after your dreams have been ended, but that your friends and family connections will be there to help you is so hopeful. I saw reminders of that in the story, as Victor used quotes from Melinda, Caroline, and GRRM in his story. With tears in my eyes I raise my glass to Victor’s continued accomplishments.


Is Nobody Going to San Antone? by Walton Simons

Well Bud, you have a character in Jerry.. to see Mr Nobody have another story has been fun. The awkward nature of his experience is just another light note in this series of stories. I loved the reminder of Mighty Joe Young, and the other black and white films. The appearances of classic movie actors and characters always makes Jerry a fun character. To see that he  was able to help other ACE’s in the series is one of the things I love about the series. Like Croyd, Jerry is a fun reminder of the original stories. The fact that he became Joe, not only is hilarious, but those fans that have been around will remember that he has a problem with being a large ape.


Drop City by David Anthony Durham

“Wow” David Durham has found a new power I admire so much, his character DJ is an ACE with an amazing twist to his power that just makes not only this volume of Wild Cards, but something that we all wish could happen in the real world. How would it be in the world today would have someone with this ACE power, that for a night you could be in the body of another person? To see the racism, the limitations of disability, and so many other things in life that cause hatred and prejudice put on the person whom judges others by appearances not conduct of character.  It was a moment of justice in the series, but dang that is a cooooool ACE.


Review: Corliss

Corliss (ebook)
by V.C. Andrews32620390

  • June 12th 2017
  • by Pocket Star
  • ISBN 1501162675
  • (ISBN13: 9781501162671)

This is a tease a history of the characters in the Girls of Spindrift series. Corliss is a brilliant girl who is stuck in the dregs of the LA school district. Brilliant beyond other students she is outcast by the school’s popular group who plot to humiliate her. Their ploy causes the adults to question her safely, Spindrift is offering a free advanced gifted and talented school alternative. Its is a great insight into the complications of AGATE students and an explicit example for peer pressure, drug problems, bullying, the complicated public school system dealing with these conflicts. I think it would be a great teaching resource for schools, students and parents.

Review: Donna

Donna (Girls of Spindrift #2)
by V.C. Andrews32861106

  • August 14th 2017
  • by Simon & Schuster
  • isbn: 1501162683
  • isbn13: 9781501162688

Another warning of ill spent youth. Donna is a genius, and has surpassed her classmates and teachers in her public school. She has spent her high school years performing her own diverse path of study. The school has even given her a small place in the school to study separately. But with great intelligence she has found that making those lasting connections is difficult, Until Greg comes to help her. Their first date ended in catastrophe so she opts to go to Spindrift. There she will find challenge and interests and other people just like her. A great short back story to the Spindrift character.
I will be excited to look into Spindrift and find out the challenges her and Corliss find in the secured walls of this elite school.

Review: Irresistible You

Irresistible You (Chicago Rebels, #1)

by Kate Meader29439001

  • August 14th 2017
  • by Pocket Star
  • Original TitleIrresistible You
  • ISBN 150116855X
  • (ISBN13: 9781501168550)

Kate Meader takes the competitive testosterone realm of Professional Hockey and brought it into the romantic realm. Hockey is a sport that is played by men, run by men, and esteemed by men as the manly sport. This brutal sport has not been known for its beaut or romantic twist. Like all other sports there is more to the story then the sound bites and brutal fisticuffs. Kate looks into breaking the ice ceiling, women finding their place in the ownership and general management of a Hockey team. Harper Chase has been involved since childhood following her father’s love and game. Clifford Chase was the crowned king of Hockey in Chicago, hometown boy does good in this violent masculine sport. On his death he leaves a will that will test Harper and her half sisters to their limits. They have to work together, attend games and make the team a champion in one season, or they have to sell the team. Harper Chase straps on her high heels and enlists a dead ringer to take the team to the championship. What she does not expect is the chemistry, and the depth of the feeling she will develop for this player. She has written off all players due to a prior rebellious relationship that ended in flames in her youth.
The personal struggle of finding your place, your desires and how to live your own life despite expectations of others.
The personal moments, and the food will addict the most voracious reader.

Review: Bittersweet Dreams

Bittersweet Dreams (Mass Market Paperback)
by V.C. Andrews21412335

  • October 27th 2015
  • by Pocket Books
  • (first published October 1st 2015)
  • ISBN 1451650906
  • (ISBN13: 9781451650907

After reading Corliss and Donna reading Bittersweet was a more intricate and detailed back story of a character entering Spindrift school. This tale of the foils and faults of astronomical intelligence in young children is a great warning and something schools should study in an attempt to understand the flaws in the education system. My brother was a gifted student, he was required/requested to conduct self study in the library because he was above the level of the teachers teaching him and surpassing his classmates. He did not succeed because he was not self motivated despite his intelligence. There has been many occurrences of this throughout the educational system. The problem is that gifted students are another problem for over burdened teachers. Their adaptation to lessons is sometimes above the focus of grade level teachers, and when they do not have the resources to get challenging material. Another aspect that this book looks into is how society views the remarkably intelligent. The idea because they can study and understand academic material above their chronological age does not mean they are capable of handling the mature and pit holes of adult life. Mayfair is beautiful, intelligent and engaging, young woman taken advantage of by her teachers, her stepmother and her school. They spent more time bragging about her intelligence than really protecting her or guiding her. The failing of her father to be her advocate, because he was overwhelmed is a warning to all parents. Don’t let compromise be the downfall of how you handle your children. This book is a great warning for parents, teachers and administrators, and example to society exploitation of the young, the intelligent and the gifted.