Chasing Caitlyn

Chasing Caitlyn
By Marnie Cate40153806

  • May 18th 2018
  • by Norns Triad Publications

This book is a hard read, not because of wording or character choice but its content. The book looks into our own insecurities. How we see ourselves? Whether through rose colored glasses, or the stark white truth, or even in our personal darkness. The reader lives the life if an innocent girl in Caitlyn trying to find her role in life. The setbacks she encounters creates a no win situation, and like all of us she falls. The power of the story is due stands up not just the first devastating time but again and again. Until she hits rock bottom and finds a way to climb out of her hole, counter her mistrust, and conquer her demons. Self doubt is human nature, but being crippled by it only makes things worse. The story shows the final solution is going in with your eyes open. A great lesson for young adults and us older readers who forget that we are not defined by our mistakes.


Talking to Dragons

Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #4)
by Patricia C. Wrede

  • March 1st 2003
  • by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published 1985)
  • ISBN 0152046917
  • (ISBN13: 9780152046910)

When I first read the book Talking to Dragons by Patricia Wrede in 6th grade, I borrowed it from the Denver Bookmobile. It says what an impression this book made on me at that  time, because I remembered it for 20 years. What was funny is as I searched for the book for all those years. I described the book over and over to librarians, teachers, booksellers, and other avid readers.  I kept saying the same words over and over again as I described the book. Now I think it is hilarious that the last line of my description was always that “the main character wanted to talk to dragons”, which ironically that is the title of the book. I would recommend this book to all lovers of dragons (especially friendly ones), adventures (that like adventures that teach you something), and anyone who could see themselves not in control of their own lives, or particular situations.

Talking to Dragons is the fourth book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia Wrede. The series has many qualities of Role Playing Games,  fantasy stories, magic, dragons, heroes, and heroines. In short Talking to Dragons in particular is about finding the solution of the magical problem that the characters find themselves in. It is this quest that the two main characters go on. The lead character is Daystar, a name I could not forget.  Daystar is a sixteen year old boy, who lives on an isolated farm at the edge of the Enchanted forest with his mother. The first chapter of the book starts with a surprise when Daystar’s mother (the Sorceress Cimorene) immediate reaction to the a wandering wizard that appeared on their farm, was to melt him (don’t worry he did not die). After this she sends Daystar into the Enchanted Forest, with a magic sword that she tells him nothing about. In the beginning all he knows is the sword is magic that was evident by the many strange things it does. He has spent his life learning how to survive, by being particularly polite to everyone.  The key point to the story is Daystar wants to know what his life means, who he is, but to also know the power of the sword he caries, and particularly to talk to dragons.


Daystar meets new friends and allies in the Enchanted Forest. The first person he meets is Suz. Suz is a lizard that has an interest in everything going on in the Enchanted forest. He is a messenger that scurries around the forest. I think one of the funny parts of the book is Suz’s reaction to  seeing the truth in everyone’s responses, and his apparent amazement when people tell him the truth. The second and the secondary lead of the story is the character is Shiara, a Fire Witch with a problem. Fire Witches are magical creatures in the Enchanted Forest, they have magic in their own right mostly connected to fire creation and control, but they do have their own special spell magic. Shiara’s problems  are connected to the fact she can not control her magic. She finds out through the course of the story that she has to be polite to others to control her magic. She also must control her fire witch temper. Which will be a problem with a girl who can not control her temper. The third character is Dragon, a young dragon too young to have his own name. He wants to find a quick way to become an adult dragon. He is tired of not being a part of the adult world. Unfortunately his first attempts to have a princess  and play an active role as an adult does not go well. Yet in the end it’s Dragon’s negotiation that is best solution for Daystar to understand his mission, and who he really is.


The story has many hilarious situations, like a knight wanting a tourney with the dragon, which would be fine as practice if the knight’s princess would not involve herself in the negotiation for the tourney rules by telling tales of the violence and injury she had seen at other tourneys. The secondary recurring joke involves  the character Suz, who is remarkable in his reactions to other characters, and quite cute in my opinion. I like how he is described to be standing on his tail, and peering at the other characters when he questions them. The third is that everyone seems to know what is going on except our heroes Daystar and Shiara.

I think that talking to Dragons is a great book for kids. It shows the importance of politeness, controlling your temper, and how to overcome your own self doubt. This is a great quest with silly circumstance that will thrill all audiences. I would give this story five stars out of five.


The winter wyvern

The Winter Wyvern (The Twin Souls series Book 1)
by McCaffrey-Winner39791300

  • April 4th 2018
  • by Howler Publishing

I am happy to see that Todd McCaffrey has continued writing. I was worried that we lost him in his grief. Winter Wyvern is a new story and new tale that is an amazingly complex and beautiful tale of acceptance and self consciousness. I think this is another great branch of the McCaffrey legacy and story craft. I hope that he will allow this book to be allowed to be expanded and given more depth and breath in other stories.
I like the characters, and find that many more questions come from reading the story than I had before it came to my attention. I hope that more stories will answer my questions.

Froze Sky

Frozen Sky (Twin Soul Series Book 3)
by McCaffrey-Winner43541572

  • January 4th 2019

Frozen Sky the 3rd book in book in the twin soul series is phenomenal at keeping the reader In delayed anticipation. Allowing things to firm organically… The meaning for the captain’s acceptance to the mission of an airship is now make pain. The secret to a sea captain acceptance to becoming an air captain is made plain. but the series has left the reader anticipating the next story and the next elements.

My Footprints

My Footprints (Hardcover)
by Bao Phi41453583

  • September 1st 2019
  • by Capstone (first published 2019)
  • ISBN 139781684460007

A young child explores nature and the supernatural in her own footprints in the snow. Showing creativity, and cultural meanings from multiple cultures. This book is a great picture book to show how someone can creatively change their own environment.

The Escape of Robert Smalls: A Daring Voyage Out of Slavery

The Escape of Robert Smalls: A Daring Voyage Out of Slavery (Hardcover)

by Jehan Jones-Radgowski

  • September 1st 2019
  • by Capstone Editions
  • ISBN 154351281X
  • (ISBN13: 9781543512816)


Robert Smalls and his fellow sailors do a daring escape for freedom, past two forts and into the enemy territory. Having lived his life as a slave, Robert Smalls learned to understand the parts and processes of a steam ship. His daring plan to help his family may just cost them all their lives. The book focuses on the historical and political problems with slavery, and the battle of the union.

A great book for showing personal struggle and danger that slaves faced in their bid for freedom. This is a great instructive book for young students to understand black history.

Daisy’s Run

Daisy’s Run (The Clockwork Chimera #1)

by Scott Baron41750345

  • November 15th 2018
  • by Curiouser

What a twist on the whole idea of AI and space travel? I am blown away by the twist and turns of this book. I sit here struggling like the main character to absorb the monumental revelations in the book. The idea of space travel and the ease of returning to earth from decades of years away is hard enough to absorb. But the twist and turns the author goes through with the character is amazing. The reader is on their toes like Daisy, trying to survive one thing only to find that the real story is beyond their scope. I can’t wait for the next book and I am biting at the bit to see the conclusion for the cliff hanger the author left me on.  Great Job Scott Baron, I think you have a series that will excite the reading public.

Halt’s Peril

Halt’s Peril (Ranger’s Apprentice, #9)

by John Flanagan6348045

  • November 2nd 2009
  • by Random House Australia (first published 2009)
  • Original Title Halt’s Peril
  • ISBN 1741663024
  • (ISBN13: 9781741663020)

I had to re-read this again to get this story down, okay its been years since I first read this book. And for once i forgot the ending and i don’t know why. Halt, the Ranger of Araluen has met his match. As he chase through the countryside for Tennyson the man whom had his twin brother killed. What he and Will were not prepared for was poison. Will’s inexperience, coupled with the form of poison had made a dire situation, nearly tragic. A great next step in the life of an Apprentice Ranger, how can he go on without his ever present mentor. The hardest part, facing Lady Pauline with the news that he would fail. Will struggles through this trying period with Horace, and other close friends to find a path that will allow him not only to save Halt, but to catch and stop Tennyson and his cult for good. A great story of learning how to go on as an adult without our mentors, and how life will always test us.

White Stag

White Stag (Permafrost, #1)
by Kara Barbieri39863517

  • January 8th 2019
  • by Wednesday Books
  • Original Title White Stag
  • ISBN 1250149584
  • (ISBN13: 9781250149589)

I am astounded by the depth and breath of this dark and mythology infused story. Like The Silmarillion by J R R Tolkien, this book looks into the ancient past and blends it with the future. The epic Hunt of goblins for who is their Erlking (ruler), the cold divide between man and mythology is transversed by a child born on the border of two worlds. It is amazing to see the story and the ideas grow throughout this dark and tortured story. The reader is bound to the darkness with the child, as she survives after her entire family is destroyed by an inclusion of Goblin raids. Janneka was enslaved and tortured by her captor, when given nearly broken to Soren. For a hundred years she scrapes by has his Thrall, thought to be his playmate and toy, but her wounded body haunts her as she struggles to survive. When the Erlking dies in a battle of will, The Hunt begins, and the tests abound. How will Janneka survive? Does she use the opportunity to escape to the human world? Or will she become what she despises?

Cloud Conqueror

Cloud Conqueror (Twin Soul Series Book 2)
by McCaffrey-Winner

  • December 18th 2018
  • ASINB 07LGN5K99

This is a great edition to the Mccaffrey bibliography, I found that this new series is just as appealing as many other stories produced by Todd Mccaffrey. The idea is the next step in the Wyvern series, how do people protect themselves from the magic of dragons. The conquest of the skies starts with gaining access to the air. Using a wizard of hot and cold, the kingdom has begun to ascend into the air. It’s only the start of the problem. On the maiden test flight, the ship is required to take the young heir to the throne. He is wanting to prove himself. Now we have a problem. The political nature of problem only heightens the problems of a magical world. The death of the wyvern is only the start of the mystery. This book sets up the reader to read father into this very imaginative detailed world, it draws the reader into a world of magic, dragons, and all the politics of royalty.