Spirit Sight

Spirit Sight (Last of the Gifted, #1)

by Marie Powell

 August 17th 2020 by Wood Dragon BooksISBN139781989078280

A well researched book about the Welsh resistance to The English, King Edwards invasion. The book has many historical facts and mythology woven into the pages. The idea of the morrigan is a legend tied to the Authorian legends. Yet the  Castell-y-Bere is a real place that was sold for ransom to the English, in an attempt to capture Dafydd ap Gruffydd, the last true prince of Wales. The mystery is the end and the beginning of the story. I found the characters very appealing and the history something that may help today’s youth to see that struggles they face are not new to the world but something that cycles around. I would love to share this book with a middle school English class and help them see that political struggle happens all the time and that history is full of one political group against another.

One thought on “Spirit Sight

  1. Thanks so much for your comments, Theresa! I’m bringing out a teacher’s guide for the series shortly. I would love to make it available for any teachers who might be interested!


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