the Alpha Enigma By W. Michael Gear

The Alpha Enigma 

by W. Michael Gear

November 3rd 2020 by Daw Books

(ISBN13: 9780756414467)

This book came into the world as a controversy. I am sorry to say Michael Gear was unfairly censored by a politically reactive criticism. First and foremost, I think the nit picking in this book is ridiculous. Michael Gear is an amazing author who uses the divine art of storytelling to draw in the reader. His character descriptions have a reason, and every character like every human has a history. If in fact that history is not always easy, or politically correct there is a reason to every decision the reader needs to suspend belief and they will find that his reasoning is impeccable. 

Alpha Enigma is a scientific thriller, reminiscent of Michael Gear’s prior books like Dark Inheritance and Raising Abel… A science fiction nature of the story is based in scientific theory. The ideas of particle entanglement, canonical quantum gravity,  Bose-Einstein condensate, and general relativity all have basis in true science. These theories are exceptionally elaborate and expansive allowing Michael Gear to have a mythical reason for the events in this story. He twists and twines not only these scientific principles but psychology, Greek history, Egyptian history, Mayan mathematics, and biology. His story is amazing. I fell in love with all the characters even with their apparent flaws and foibles. Chief Raven, perhaps the strongest character, shows not only humanism, but also feminine divinity. Her PTSD and kleptomania not only define her and as a psychiatric patient but is the key mystery of her character. She is the most capable Seal I have ever read about, the first female Seal, the feminist should be elated. Falcon, may be the most dynamic character, his psychological diagnosis makes him the most fragile, yet his brilliance is apparent. Skipper is a remarkable psychologist, psychiatrist. I love how he is able to see his patients as people, he is amazing willing to sacrifice everything for his patients.  I have only started with these three remarkable characters because I hope to read more and see more of them in particular. 

This story is only the beginning, I know the controversy has made Michael pause on the next book. Yet I hope in time that his fans love, and our support give him the strength to continue the story, and damn the criticism.

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