Hiding Hannah

Hiding Hannah

by Marnie Cate
ASIN: B088G23H6V
It’s surprising what you don’t expect in the story of the religious extremes. Unfortunately we are finding that the story of Hannah is not far from the truth. In real events women and children are exploited by religious zealots all the time. The men and elders of a religious cult warp scripture to fit their plans and make the women and children obey, and submit to things that would be unacceptable in modern culture. The ideology of making others be subject to your whims always leads to corruption. Hannah’s story is not far from the true reality that these women and children face everyday. The manipulation and lies leads more and more people to be subject to very disturbing treatments. This book is an eye opener. I hope that as society learns of these events more people stand up for the religious minority and make it safer for these women and children. Marnie brings to light these horrific events in a way that the reader understands the pressure and manipulations that ensnare families, and particularly children in these extreme situations. I hope that this story will bring to light the treatment of these women, but also bring a solution to the mass manipulation of these diabolical individuals. Finding a place where people can have belief, respect and safety. This story is almost as shocking as the original Flowers in the attic series was about the evils men and women do to each other. I would think it would be the greatest of cautionary tales for young women.

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