The Ingredients of You and Me

The Ingredients of You and Me (Hopeless Romantics, #3)
by Nina Bocci52686731._SX318_SY475_

  • April 28th 2020 by Gallery Books
  • Original Titlethe ingredients of you and me
  • isbn: 150117889X
  • isbn13: 9781501178894

Like Lewis Capaldi song; Grace, Parker did not want to be another of Nick’s mistakes. Her affair with Nick changed her focus from her bakery, Delicious and Vicious to finding something that is more inspiring. Parker had spent years developing her Bakery, the idea, based on her reaction to the end of an old relationship. After the sale of her business she feels that she has lost her mojo. She is unable to bake, she feels lost. Parker went to Hope Lake to find it. Her best friend Charlotte is there with the Golden Girls, and they have a challenge for her. Only problem, Nick is in Hope Lake, she has not only has to face the man whom Ghosted her, but find the mystery why, with everything clicking he stopped talking to her.
The Ingredients of you and me, shows the struggles in modern society in relationships. Everyone becomes involved in a relationships in a small town. The struggle is finding how to communicate your feelings and try to genuinely connect. The Golden Girls, have lessons not only in baking for Parker, but in being true to her feelings. This is a great book of showing how talking can solve many problems, and bring out the truth of a person.

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