The Trustworthy One

The Trustworthy One (Walnut Creek #4)49931330
by Shelley Shepard Gray

  • May 5th 2020
  • by Gallery Books
  • ISBN198213383X
  • (ISBN13: 9781982133832)

This is the second in the series that I have had the pleasure to read. Its light hearted in majority of context. This particular volume looks at some of the darker side of the Amish and Mennonite world.
The series starts with a suicide and friends drawing back together, the Eight is a group of young children of mix origin that group together to remember their lost friend. The trustworthy one is stepping out of the original Eight to show the other side of the culture and small town. Kendra is a survivor, she protected her younger siblings from their abusive father. The abuse left her with a lot personal daemons, and insecurities. The book shows how to over come adversity, and grief, and allowing yourself to forgive. Its very moving, and will bring the reader to tears. It was a wonderful story.

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