Cloud Conqueror

Cloud Conqueror (Twin Soul Series Book 2)
by McCaffrey-Winner

  • December 18th 2018
  • ASINB 07LGN5K99

This is a great edition to the Mccaffrey bibliography, I found that this new series is just as appealing as many other stories produced by Todd Mccaffrey. The idea is the next step in the Wyvern series, how do people protect themselves from the magic of dragons. The conquest of the skies starts with gaining access to the air. Using a wizard of hot and cold, the kingdom has begun to ascend into the air. It’s only the start of the problem. On the maiden test flight, the ship is required to take the young heir to the throne. He is wanting to prove himself. Now we have a problem. The political nature of problem only heightens the problems of a magical world. The death of the wyvern is only the start of the mystery. This book sets up the reader to read father into this very imaginative detailed world, it draws the reader into a world of magic, dragons, and all the politics of royalty.

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