Review: Gone to Dust

Gone to Dust (Gravediggers #2)
by Liliana Hart32620316

  • June 20th 2017
  • by Pocket Books
  • ISBN 1501150057
  • (ISBN13: 9781501150050)

Liliana Hart has made a captivating sequel to her Gravediggers series, taking the secondary characters from her original book. She adds to the dimensions of the characters adding a back story as appealing as the original legend she bases the adventure off. Miller is stuck in a book deadline, not knowing how or when she would raise her head from the pages of her book due in a week. The assault of her peace by the carrier who needs a signature. She is encapsulated into the mystery of her past and the burden of her inheritance. The story is based on idea of accepting love, and responsibility of the nature of the people we love. The longing and desire of Miller and Elias is palpable, and leaves you remembering the loves that have consumed you and left you wanting. The final pages giving the reader resolution to that ache and desire.


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