Review: Say No more

Say No More (Gravediggers #3)
by Liliana Hart32950833

  • July 25th 2017
  • by Pocket Books (first published July 24th 2017)
  • isbn: 1501150073
  • isbn13: 9781501150074

Third in the series, now it’s time for the desperate members of the group to find their own path. Dante the playboy of the group had some distance from the others. He had his own apartment separate from the Gravediggers. This book looks into his life, how he began as a Gravedigger, the reasons and rhythms that put him in a desperate place. Yet the playboy had a weakness, the woman he left when he died. Now he is face to face with her greatest strength and weakness. He learns about a solution for his problems would involve putting his heart on the line. James Bond has infiltrated the Gravediggers girls, but sorry dear readers he does not own his heart anymore.


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