Review: So over you

So Over You (Chicago Rebels, #2)
by Kate Meader34951225

  • December 4th 2017 by Pocket Star
  • isbn: 1501180894
  • isbn13: 9781501180897

Kate Meader in her second book of the Chicago Rebels has dived in the competitive mindset of Clifford Chase and his desire for his daughter to fulfill his dreams. Isobel Chase has been driven all her life, to skate, to play, to work hard. She is the apple of her father’s eye, created to make an Olympian, and the leader in the world of Women’s professional Hockey league. Her father’s dream died with a catastrophic injury in her first game. She is without a ruttier, as she tries to rebuild her life. Her father’s death five months ago has set up a great challenge. The question will she and her two half sisters be able to retain their control of the Rebels or will they lose it all with the criteria of their father’s will.
Victor Petrov is the Czar of love, he is a hockey player with broad appetites, and great ability. Will he have the strength to recover from a knee injury. Or more importantly will he be able to overcome the manipulations of Clifford Chase.
I very erotic story, with a lot of action and intrigue, and political changes.


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