Review: Into the void: Star Wars (dawn of the Jedi)

Into the void: Star Wars (dawn of the Jedi)

by Tim Lebbon15823425

  • May 7th 2013
  • by LucasBooks
  • ISBN 0345541936
  • (ISBN13: 9780345541932)

Lanoree is strong in the force, but she is set on the journey to learn and test her ability to keep her balance in the force. This is the beginning of the Star Wars Jedi saga, when the force was a balance, and the Je’daii are different in many ways. They are scientist, they are explores they are artist like her parents. They are sent to various temples to explore their interests, find their calling and taught balance in the force. But Lanoree’s brother is different, Dal feels separate from his family, he does not feel a calling but a rejection from the force. This only causes problems as the siblings face their challenges. Lanoree who is strong with the force feels that her brother has abandoned her. When he is exhaled from the temple for endangering others she begins to feel a relief of the burden of helping him. Only to find his bloody clothing on the river bank, and have to return home to tell her parents. But this is only the beginning of this strange and mystical tale, with many plot twists and turns, the siblings will face each other again, and change the universe by their conflict.


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