Review:The Beast Master (Beast Master / Hosteen Storm, #1)

The Beast Master (Beast Master / Hosteen Storm, #1)
Norton, Andre462451

  • January 1984
  • by Del Rey (first published 1959)
  • Original Title The Beast Master
  • ISBN 0345313763
  • (ISBN13: 9780345313768)

the beginning of the story explaining the role of beast master in a post war universe, a good book to read, especially when going to the grand canyon area, because of the main characters heritage… Has great detail and two great stories.

how he was connecting to the world of his future a good story about finding home is not what you thought, or feared, and that love does not always have to come from those who are like you.

xiks are beaten and back, the war is over so they thought. now a new mystery had come to light Death-that-kills-at-night has come out of the big blue and attacked the natives and settlers and herds. but another beast master has come, with the ark which is attempting to preserve the species of the beast masters. Tami is haunted in her dreams, she feels a great hunger and joy in causing pain. THe Death-that-kills-at-night broad casts their hunger and the joy in pain…. How will Storm and his people save the world they love, will the natives cause problems as they run from the death-that-kills-at-night. Will storm finally have his dream, a home, land, and a love. Will the orphaned tami find a family, a clan, a people. can the land survive the terrible devistation. (


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