Review: Martians Abroad

Martians Abroad29939341
by Carrie Vaughn

  • January 17th 2017
  • by Tor Books
  • ISBN 0765382202
  • (ISBN13: 9780765382207)

Martians Abroad
by Carrie Vaughn
Martians Abroad is the beginning of a epic series, with many connections to other great book series and to life lessons. I would recommend this book for any Young Adult readers, as a gateway book to many other science fiction books and series. The connection to Mars although tenuous, that the main characters are from a Martian colony give a remarkably realistic viewpoint of future colonization.
Polly, although I would say her name is unremarkable, and you tend to say “ohh yeah that is her name”, is the main character in the story. Polly is an adventurous girl, we see that in the first scene of the book as she is riding over the Martian landscape. Polly has many personal strengths and the odd amount of personal flaws to make her a humanistic character. She is relatable in to the focused audience of the book, and to older audiences as she is a reminder of our youth, and “how things are life and death as a teenager”, as Carrie Vaughn described in her book signing.
Charles is her “twin” brother use that term lightly. He is an enigmatic character that is developed in the book from his sister’s point of view. In the end as a reader you still question if he is maniacal or just ambivalent.
The “twins” are sent to school on Earth for the connections that they can make in Earth society. They are manipulated by various factors, to show their potential and test their abilities. Both are capable and courageous characters that the reader is rooting for. Teaching young readers that they can have faith in themselves, and that although they may be reluctant if they are true to their ideals they can not only lead but protect those they love and care about. A great book for bully proofing and teaching teamwork.


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