Review: People of the Nightland

People of the Nightland    

  • W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear115608
  • March 2007 Forage
  • 978-0765352958
  • K: B007TNBPM8
  • N: 9781466815650
  • E: 9781466815650

People of the Nightland
by W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O’neal Gear
The scab lands are a geological mystery, but the events that created this phenomenal area are not out of the scope of human history. This story confronts how prehistorically man dealt with and understood events of glacial melt, and how it affected the people that lived in the area.
The story of light and dark and opposites crossed makes a dynamic backdrop to the human conflict with in the book.
Two people have emerged from the ancient ways those who follow Wolf Dreamer, and those who follow his twin brother Raven Hunter. It has been a few generations since Wolf Dreamer brought them through the ice to the new world. Wold Dreamer’s dream has been lost as he and his successful generations spent more time finding the One then learning to balance the world.
Raven Hunter comes forward and finds an outcast Ti-bish to bring his new dream to the people, that they would be better off going back to where they were. This book looks into the dynamics and conflicts of power, wither it is supernatural power or the power over others.
Nashat an elder of the Nightland clan has a plan, he would use the “guide’s” (Ti-bish) dream to gain influence and destroy the other groups around them. The Lame Bull and the Sunpath people believe in Wolf Dreamer. Nashat believes if he destroys the other tribes he can claim their lands, and make slaves of their people. His machinations have created war and hardships for all the people.
WolfWind is the war leader of the SunPath clan, he began with protecting his people, but the brutal death of his wife has changed him. A skillful and brilliant leader who is admired by not only his people but his enemies as well. He struggles with finding peace in a world of war and chaos.
Silvertip a distant relative of Wolf Dreamer, has to pay the ultimate price to learn the ways of the One and balance the spiral. The world rests on his young inexperienced shoulders.
It is through the pain and darkness that Raven Hunter finds his true dreamer, someone who could see the world as it is and bring it back into balance.


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