The Poet

The Poet (Samantha Jazz, #1)
by Lisa Renee Jones

March 9th 2021 by Entangled: Amara
Original TitleThe Poet
ISBN168281517X (ISBN13: 9781682815175)

Wow what an unexpected twist. The reader is drawn down the rabbit hole on this mystery. I was lost on who was the real villain. The author really pulled the preverbal wool over the eyes of her characters. Sam Jazz is a great character with a lot of tragedy and history that causes her to be the strong heroine she is in the story. She is a remarkably outreaching character that draws the reader so far into the story you could almost imagine she is real. I hope to see more of this character in this series.

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Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection
By: Sting

amazing personal conversation with the amazing and impeccable artist. beautiful voice, the back story and more. I was entranced buy his voice, He stared in more movies that I could have imagined, The depth of this book showed how much I did not know of one of my favorite artists. I loved hearing the meaning of some of his works, and the meaning of the words in his songs. Then hearing the songs before and after that description just brought more to light.

The Neil Gaiman at the End of the Universe

The Neil Gaiman at the End of the Universe
By: Arvind Ethan David
Narrated by: Neil Gaiman, Jewel Staite

this quirky tale read by the famous author described there in is hilariously funny in points. bring the humanity to a difficult and taxing problem mental healthy. appropriate for our time of isolation and social distancing. I hope the best for the adventure there in. and man I have a lot of books to read.
thank you for the reminder.

Poems of War and Remembrance

Poems of War and Remembrance
By: Audible Studios

Narrated by: Jenny Agutter, Samanatha Bond, Rupert Holliday Evans, Michael Jayston, Dean Lennox Kelly
This collection covers the breath and depth of the heartache caused by World War 1. From the familiar loss of family, and friends to the loss of innocence of the men. The Poems are both moving and inspiring as well at tragic. I was amazed at the number of popular poets that wrote at that time of the experience. Unfortunately their warnings did not stop the tide of war nor the blood shed to come.

The Sundering: Dread Empire’s Fall

The Sundering: Dread Empire’s Fall (Paperback)
by Walter Jon Williams

April 9th 2019 by Harper Voyager (first published November 3rd 2003)
Original TitleThe Sundering
ISBN006288476X (ISBN13: 9780062884763)

After a harrowing beginning this book lays in on the reader. The Praxis is broken, the oldest surviving members of the Shaa empire have rebelled, believing that their extended knowledge and participation has awarded them governance. Our two main character Gareth Martinez, Captain has survived the first out break of war. Lady Caroline Sula, or other wise known, has survived the out break and achieved her dream of acquiring her wealth on her majority. The wrinkles in their relation is prohibited to by the necessity of politics. The requirement of the peers to give a DNA sample and Gareth’s brothers quick work ending the connection between the two. This story sets up their two mutually excepted adventures, where they are conscripted for war, as their battle plans are implemented to help save Praxis and all the Shaa Empire. A story of love lost, political gain, and war.

The Anxiety Workbook for Supporting Teens Who Learn Differently

The Anxiety Workbook for Supporting Teens Who Learn Differently
by Clare Ward, James Galpin

April 21st 2021 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

a work book that has a strong theoretical base. It breaks down many students problems, and gives some solutions. Looks at the teachers expectations as well as the students needs. It shows how bias can affect learning making some problems with instruction. A lot of research and resources added to each chapter.

The Cost of Knowing

The Cost of Knowing
by Brittney Morris

April 6th 2021 by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers
Original TitleThe Cost of Knowing
ISBN1534445455 (ISBN13: 9781534445451)

This book was not what expected. Using powers of premonition or prescience, and hindsight or seeing historical events was unexpected. The two brothers have a curse, one can tell the future, the other can see the past as far back as the beginning of this family curse. I was blown away by the radical nature of the gifts. How the two boys find out the mystery of their ability, and their shared events. I got more of the internal look of culture, family life, and historical nature of African American families. There are a number of tragic events and many things the family faces. The book is about learning to accept your past and responsibility for the future. In the larger part facing fear.

Send Judah First: The Erased Life of an Enslaved Soul

Send Judah First: The Erased Life of an Enslaved Soul (Kindle Edition)
by Brian C. Johnson

July 27th 2019 by Hidden Shelf Publishing HouseASINB07VSC6957

isbn: 1733819312isbn13: 9781733819312

Warning the book is not for children. It is historical fiction based on the limited slave records of the time the author shows the nature of the last African born slaves in southern America. Not only the conditions of the capture, sale and shipment of African slaves but also the public auctions here in the US. The book shows the difference of treatment, from men to women, and children. The brutal practices of slavery, from forced labor, ill rations, clothing, accommodation, but the bodily treatments as well. The abuse of the slave owners because of their political mindset, the religious mindset that they used to describe their power, and behavior. The simple thought that a slave is 3/5ths of a human being, to that they are the children of Cain. The book is explicate, and very very brutal. It has so many view points, form the field hand, to the skilled labor, to the house slaves, and the divisions that created the conflict with in Abolition and the end of slavery. The book is remarkable in its nature.
The audible version give smore of the story a web of reality. You can hear the languages spoken in Africa, and the emotion of the characters. Very well done.


by Michael Kamakana

February 5th 2019 by Pulp Literature Press
ISBN1988865093 (ISBN13: 9781988865096)

An interesting concept of Alien contact. Its not as expected but more philosophical in nature. The Plato theory would have a run for its money as the four main characters come to grips with the changes of the Advent. The book has many historical nuances, like the colonization of the Hawaiian Island, and reservation nature of the plains Indian tribes. It looks a the concept of love and ideology of love. A very thought provoking book. Teaching the ideal lesson that things do not always happen as we expect, and that learning to go on after disappointment is the key.

The Children’s Train

The Children’s Train
by Viola Ardone

January 12th 2021 by HarperVia (first published September 24th 2019)Original TitleIl treno dei bambiniISBN0062940503 (ISBN13: 9780062940506)

The hard story of poverty and survival. The poor result of war and conflict. The mother has a hard choice to send her beloved child.