Review: The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room (ebook)
by Paul Cornell


ASIN: B00B8S5E40

Although Paul Cornell is your modest English Author you can see his wisdom and understanding of the roles we lead in his short Wild Cards Book. The Fact that a fan favorite graces the pages of this story is of interest to the lovers of the mosaic books. Croyd is back boys and girls, starring in his own right in Fort Freak, we have just a little more of the story gracing the pages of this short story. The Understudy is a young wild card victim who has the ability to mimic the capacity of wild card deuces, aces, jokers in her vicinity. Although in Fort Freak it was not yet managed in The Elephant in the Room she faces another problem altogether. Being accepted for who she is. And finding a place for the love of her life. I hope that Croyd learns a lesson and comes back in the future it would be good to see him find love. Another great book for the Wild Card analogs.

Review: Voices of Dragons

Voices of dragons by carrie vaughn6553352

  • mar 16 2010
  • ISBN-10: 0061798940
  • k: ASIN: B0044KN0LI

Voices of Dragons
Vaughn, Carrie
After the dragons erupted back into our world, and World War II was at an end. The world changes after a ferocious battle that made the US loose part of the western continent to the ferocious beast, a young girl finds out a secret. Dragons can talk, humans and dragons used to be friends. What she does with this knowledge is amazing, and the adventures she puts herself through outshine the teenage pranks that she is going through, out shines the boy she is falling in love with, out shines the friendships she has, and the pressures of being a young girl. She has to dare herself to do the impossible and find a way to bring an end to the war that has tragic losses already counting on both sides. This is a girl power book, showing that remaining faithful in you is the strongest thing a person can do. A great book to show children that peer pressure is not the only driving force in the world.

Review: Dark Inheritance

Dark Inheritance   by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear 1991683   

  • March 2001
  • Warner
  • 978-0446610964
  • K: B007AJP1Y4

Review of Dark Inheritance

By Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear
A Dark Inheritance is a genetic series showing the abilities and potential disaster that genetic manipulation may culminate. The idea that with science we can change and manipulate the balance of plants and animals. Umber is the bonobo ape that the scientist have begun to experiment on. The scientist find that the animals were diversely affected by the experiences. We have found the mysterious link between man and ape. But does that stop our role as man. If we are to protect wildlife and people with different rules, if they are less different than before do we now treat them like humans. This thriller looks at the responsibility of man for his decision in nature as a person.

Review: Risk of Rogues

The Risk of Rogues (Sinful Suitors #5.5)37678819
by Sabrina Jeffries
Published July 2nd 2018 by Pocket Star
The Risk of Rogues (The Sinful Suitors, #5.5)
by Sabrina Jeffries
A second chance only comes once in a lifetime. Anne and Hart were in love before, but life, families, and fear got in the way. When Hart approached Anne’s father for her hand it all crumbled. They both were forced by their parents to go their separate ways, unfortunately they allowed this to happen. Now a decade latter, they are in the same house for the weekend celebration. Will they have a second chance at the love that overwhelms them, or will it all crumble again. This is a lighthearted look at love and courtship in 18th century England. Lords and Ladies have so much to live up to.

Review: The Jurassic Chronicles

The Jurassic Chronicles (The Future Chronicles)34039399

  • January 27th 2017
  • by Samuel Peralta, Victor Milán, Seanan McGuire, Piers Beckley ,Ed Gosney , Emily Mah , M.J. Kelley , Laxmi Hariharan, Stant Litore , Philip Harris

The Jurassic Chronicles

Fatal Mutation by Anthony J. Melchiorri
Fatal Mutation is a short story that brings to question the ideas and work of Jack Holder, the scientist that theorized that we could take Chickens and genetically select for dinosaur phenotypes. Like all great science fiction, what would the reality of the process prevale?
Mr. Melchiorri uses his character Ana Dellaporta from his series Black Market DNA as the main character in the short story.

Noble savage by Terry Maggert
What is the noble savage? Taking a twist from the original Terry Maggert looks at our world and turns it on its head. Using time travel, science fiction and dinosaurs this History teacher questions the ideals of society and man’s place. A great theoretical romp.

An Implant and a Hard place by Zen Dipietro
The science behind the advanced robotics has a new twist. What if bionics would not only enable humans to function with missing limbs. Other species could use those same bionics to enable themselves the dexterity and movement known to humanity. If the three toes and three fingers could be replace by our human five finger limbs.
Zen looks into the the medical use, and manipulation of financial manipulation of science.

Szcar’s Trial by Harry Manners
Harry Manners uses his love of the field and the desire of the scientific method to look at experiments of intelligence from the perspective of the subject. In this instance a raptor. A masterful game of suspense and revelation.

Glitch Mitchell and the Island of Terror By Philip Harris
Glitch Mitchell by Philip Harris connects to his past love of BBC television, this extraordinaire dare do well has run into the unexpected in a plane crash. Dinosaurs prowling the jungles, and he has a lot to do to save himself and his friends. This is a thrilling short jaunt into the jungle, with survival and proof positive of their adventure on the line.

The Screaming of the Tyrannosaur by Stant Litore
A violent brilliant sport to celebrate the consummation of the royal wedding. Well it’s nothing without a little death and mayhem. The Women are ready with their glistening tech, and outrageous skills to celebrate and find remembrance in their feats of daring.

Ugly by Laxmi Hariharan
What is the idea of ugly. Is it the outside or the inside. Is it the lack of understanding or the inability to connect. Drawn by two forces ugly can be a confusing concepts. This story looks at the aspect of finding the truth of what is ugly.

Cryptoscience by Emily Mah
In cryptoscience you study the phenomenon of what is not there. What is legend or legendary. A young scientist finds a way in his own insanity and beautiful mind to create something that can bring the extinct into our modern age. How will that be recorded or perceived by history and his own family.

Victor Mula’s Earth Dream by M. J. Kelley
He had to find him… to repay what he had taken. But the long years of waiting has taken it toll. He finds him alone. It a worse place than he has ever known. Yet would it make him reconsider… or just connect to the man who gave and took everything.

The Thundering Grind of Jurassic Gears
by Ed Gosney
A dark paintbrush of revenge and death. Ed Gosney looks into the psychiatric tendency of revenge and power. Using dinosaurs as toys of destruction to play out the revenge game of a truly evil and psychotic man.

A Spear for Allosaur Victor Milan
Ah! The story which i have read the whole book for. Being a lover of Victor Milan’s characters I love our little jaunt into the history of the Dinosaur Lords series. Victor Milan knows full well whom my favorite character of the series is. This little story, gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings for that character all over again. I love the fact it was not a simple circumstance that brought the two characters together, and the ties that bind the two are stronger because of this story. Thank you Victor for giving me a little more about Shirra… and knowing how Karl was connected to her is priceless.

Monsters by Piers Buckley
Monsters looks at what we consider what we call human and what we call monsters. The idea that people can genetically change their appearance, and capacity through manipulation has brought many changes to society. Piers Buckley looks at the reality of what changes would do to affect society. The use of enhancements has helped society but has not changed the monsters hidden under the human skin.

Please Accept My Most Profound Apologies for What is About to Happen (But You Started It) by Seanan McGuire
What started this all is what you have done to me. This story is the nerds revenge. What you have done to this nerd that you thought she would not remember will cause you a problem in the future. Just because she is able to manipulate genes for your benefit don’t think that she will be above avenging the wrongs she perceives.

Review: Bone Walker

Bone Walker    W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear   483254 

  • July 2002 Forge
  • 978-0812589825
  • k: ASIN: B00FO6F1F4
  • n: ISBN-13: 9781466823532

Bone Walker (The Anasazi Mysteries, #3)
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal *
Gear, W. Michael
The final third of the Anasazi Mystery series, one of the most mysterious and surprising books by these two outstanding writers.
Dale is dead and Dusty’s world has been turned upside down. There are many things he has not faced in his past, and those things include his mother and the man he believed stole his mother away. The hard truths are the toughest realities. But this story is not just the beginning of the real love story of Maureen and Dusty, but the ghosts of the past haunting all of them. Can Maureen and Dusty work through the clues and find out who is Kwewur, and stopping his homicidal crusade?
Browser has killed his wife in defense of his best friend Catkin. He has injured the greatest witch if his time. He has begun a journey that will unravel all the efforts of Shadow Woman and Two Hearts. The sadistic, incestuous, malevolent, corrupting, consuming, power that is destroying his world. Can he save the ones he loves? Will he risk all to find a solution to the destruction of the Straight Path nation, or find somewhere to hide?

Review: Mayfair

Mayfair (Girls of Spindrift #3)38745376
by V.C. Andrews
Published July 2nd 2018 by Pocket Star
ISBN 1501162691 (ISBN13: 9781501162695)
by V.C. Andrews
Having read the previous books, Corliss, Donna, and Spindrift. Mayfair is the final individual story of the Spindrift, coming out after the main book, much of this story is the continuation of the story in the main novel. Mayfair is the one of the Supreme girls at Spindrift academy. This is a short story of breaking the rules, and finding that love is not as impossible as we make it. The fact that Mayfair falls for another older man makes the mother in me cringe, although i see it as good book plot. This is a nice supplement to the original book.

Review: The Chosen

THE CHOSEN (Rogue Angel #4) By Victor Milan 106552

  • January 9th 2007
  • ISBN-10: 0373621221
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373621224  

The Chosen (Rogue Angel #4)
by Alex Archer
I am sad that I read this book so late, although it had been sitting on my shelves for a bit. The reader can see Victor Milan’s love of New Mexico, its people, places, and legends. I kept finding that the story was reminiscence of the place he lived. I wanted to ask him, were these places in the book places he loved, places he wanted to leave a legacy memory of. I can see how he wanted to be remembered how Victor wanted to go out passing the torch on to the next to take up the battle for good. This book was written before his illness, and long before we lost him, it is poignant and beautiful. Annja Creed is a great character, a cross between adventure archaeological characters and kick ass adventures. She is happenstance found in the middle of a mystery, and this one is farther than any other. She uses her intelligence and strength to come through this adventure, but it is the help of an old Jesuit priest that helps her survive. The lesson is we need to be careful and not play god. This is a great world trekking novel, with many cultural and legendary story lines.

Review: Raising Abel

Raising Abel  W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear   686307 

  • July 2002 Warner
  • 978-0446610971
  • K: B007AJP4L4

Review of Raising Abel
by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear
Raising Abel is a great story it is a fast paced thriller starting with a dynamic thrill. In general it is about genetics and the potential thought that Abel was destroyed because he was a Neanderthal and mankind destroyed its brother race, not Cain who destroyed his brother. The idea is that if we can genetically bring back Neanderthals would we start to question what is the label of human. Current stories have questioned if genetically the Neanderthal was not a dead end as we believed. It has been found even in Michael and Kathleen’s dna that the Neanderthal genes are present. Michael likes to talk about his occipital bun, what is funny when they run the dna Kathleen had more Neanderthal dna markers. The reader of this story will question how we manipulate our human story, and create a flow that makes the survivors the story we hear.