The Pink Bonnet

The Pink Bonnet: True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime
by Liz Tolsma43253066._SY475_

  • June 1st 2019
  • by Barbour Books
  • ISBN 1643520458
  • (ISBN13: 9781643520452)
  • ASINB07L58MPR9

Wow a powerful story, the difficulty of the depression has made many families living below their prior means. Cecile Dowd is a widow, on hard times. She is trying to find work to support her and her daughter. What she does not know is that her neighbor is going to betray her and upend her world. Her daughter is kidnapped by a legal social worker, who claims she signed away her parental rights while the child was with the neighbor. The book looks into the depravity of the people in power who manipulate the adoption system, stealing children from their home, and adopting them for profit. Its a roller-coaster ride of clues, based on three points of view. The book is fast paced and heart rendering dramatic.


Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega
by Harry Turtledove42298942._SY475_

  • July 2nd 2019
  • by Del Rey Books
  • ISBN 0399181490
  • (ISBN13: 9780399181498)
  • ASIN  B07J46997G

Harry Turtledove is an amazing alternative history writer, I was surprised by this book in many ways. He jumps right in to the biggest quagmire of the modern age. The conflict between religious beliefs is the predominate struggle in the middle east. Mr. Turtledove looks at the differences between the predictions of the end of times. Each religion has a different prospect on this conflict. All stating they are the right and true path, and they know not only how things will end but how people whom don’t believe will be treated.  He comes first from the Judaism belief of the end of times, the return of the arc of the covenant.  The birth of a perfect Red calf, and the blessings that allow them to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, the third temple. He looks at Christianity the return of Christ and the guiding of the blessed to heaven. Finally Islam, and the return of the Mahdi and the persecution of the unbelievers. I am interested by the way he handles this conflict in the end, i have never seen such a pragmatic look at the stories of the end of times.

People of the Nightlands: Ti-Bish

People of the Nightlands: Ti-Bish : the guide, most people called him the Idiot, a gawky man with a boyish face and two black braids he had survived for years as a scavenger of the clans. Until he was give a dream by Raven Hunter to lead the people through the ice back to the land of the Long Dark. and the power object: Wolf bundle: in Grandfather White Bear’s hide that held his claws, created after the tunnel to the new world. A wolf’s tail and teeth, a lock of hair from a woman he loved with all his heart, a stone point crafted by one of his friends and a fragment of white mammoth hide.



Pondwader, People of the lightning

Given as a gift for Kathleen and Michael Gear. Pondwader: albino boy who is beginning to be a dreamer, the legendary Lightning boy, who would destroy the world. People of the Lightning with The power object: People of the lightning: Turtle bone doll: pg 75 “She is a doll. Made from a turtle’s bone leg, like a child’s to. Her face was once painted brightly, but over the summers, the colors have faded, so that I can barely see her brown eyes and read mouth. A few strands of black hair cling to her head, glued with pine pitch. the rest must have fallen out long ago. a master waver created her tunic; threads are fine and tight but ten tens of hands has left the fabric tattered. threads stick out everywhere”20170812_112246.jpg

Odion: Sky Messenger/ Dekanawida People of the Longhouse series

People of the Longhouse: Odion: Sky Messenger/ Dekanawida: a young deputy war chief,leaves on a vision quest, to become the new dreamer of the people. Dekanawidais true historical figure of the Iroquois confederacy.
And the False face pendant
and a copy of the wampum belt showing the Confederacy
Given to Michael Gear and Kathleen O’neal Gear August 20th 2017
People of the Longhouse
The Dawn Country
This Broken Land


Knaves Over Queens (Wild Cards, #26)  by George R.R. Martin

Knaves Over Queens (Wild Cards, #26) 

by George R.R. Martin39273067._SY475_

  • June 18th 2018
  • by Harper Voyager
  • Original Title Knaves Over Queens (Wild Cards, #26)
  • ISBN 0008283591
  • (ISBN13: 9780008283599)

A Flint lies in the Mud, But a flint holds fire by Kevin Andrew Murphy

The samples given by Harper Collins gives you a different impression of this story, Kevin Andrew Murphy is able to connect both sides of the pond into the World of Wild Cards. we know you are a great author but sitting here amazed and trying to get my heart rate under control. I love the new characters and how the idea of the British invasion of the Wild Cards is so connected to history. The reader will wonder why i have to control my heart rate, this intro is so exciting for the series, you just need to know what is happening next. Great new characters, great new stories, and love the Wild Card abilities, and Joker scenarios that are set up. It’s going to be a long wait for August 2019….How do you survive being buried alive, what pushes you to continue when the air is suffocating from your lungs. As always Kevin Andrew Murphy knows how to make a dramatic entry. This and the saying he adds to this story make you wonder what next will be fall the hero in the making Flint. His central character Captain Flint is one of those people first affected by the Wild Cards out break in 1946. What advantages he has is also his curse. He is made of flint with an internal power based on the fire with in. He is very understandable character, he wants to save those affected and help them survive the not only the outbreak but the return to England. Its the humanistic character of this Joker character that sets up the series. 


The coming of the crow, The cracks in the city, and Feeding on the entrails by Peadar O Guilin 

The coming of the Crow is Peadar’s entrance to the World of Wild Cards. The growing acclaim of a new author added to the series with the passing of the torch to England. Paedar knows the flow of a Wild Card story and how to make the reader drink the addictive story line. You need to see more then the sample on Harper Collins web page.  The idea of a new turn of the cards, with new powers has as an intriguing tease toward the book. He makes a compelling character that has a different affliction of the Wild Cards virus, that may change our interpretation of the events that will happen later. He makes an amazing character that will draw in new readers. I hope to read more of his works in the future. 


Needles and Pins,  by Caroline Spector

The newest amazing ability to the Wild Card world. A young girl who can change the world just by constructing clothing. She is able create clothing that is bullet proof, even fire proof. She is seduced by a man who uses her ability to make him more influential. It is Constance and her ability  that come out on top of the situation. An interesting modern look at how we look technological development in the World of Wild Cards. 


Night Orders by Paul Cornell 

The affects of the wild Card virus on the politics and policies of England starts a new political avenue, the Silver Helix a modern day secret organization that uses and exploits the the  talents of jokers and aces to help defend the land. Charlie becomes the first in a long line of men taking up the job of protecting Queen and country. 


Police on My back by Charles Stross

Many people in the history of Wild Cards have used the ability and capabilities of the victims for self gain. Allen’s first visit to London changes his life remarkably, his afflictions give him a remarkably intriguing set of skills that would be useful for the criminal mind. 


Probationary By Marko Kloos

Looking at the battle of the Falkland Islands, in a remarkably interesting way. The virus has changed the strategic reality of warfare and conflict. Rory’s ability may be the one thing that will help the British retain their dwelling influence on the world. What an interesting twist of the capabilities of individual ace and joker.    


Twisted Logic by Peter Newman 

Crime and wild cards go hand in hand, the idea that we can use and exploit the virus victims can change the world of historic England. Peter Newman in Twisted logic looks into the idea that the virus gives criminals a new avenue of exploitation as those who draw a joker are exploited and terrorized by criminal organizations to greater and more detrimental crimes for their benefit. This story looks a the similarity of crime in the world even on both sides of the pond. 


The ceremony of innocence by Lumina Enterprises (Melinda Snodgrass) 

The backstory of a beloved character. How did Noel become involved with the British intelligence. How was he able to learn his masterful skills, and what prompted him to support Queen and country. This story gives us that much needed backstory, filling in the motivation and abilities of dearly loved character.  


How to turn a girl to stone by Emma Newman

An intriguing twist to the wild cards virus, a child is cursed with turn of the cards has been secluded forced to live only on her parents farm, with visits to her uncle. It sets up for her to be exploited, in a sadistic twist she is betrayed by those who she depends most on. A great backstory to a new character that will add to the history and memory of the Wild Cards series. I would like to see how she recovers from this adventure, and moves on in her life.   


The visitor by Mark Lawrence

This story is a stint in another direction. Disabilities and in abilities haunt people everyday. and it looks like England is not far behind in the care and maintenance of these most vulnerable of citizens.  A young girl has spent her life in a deteriorating state, loosing more and more of her ability for save care. Her exposure to the wild card virus, may give her freedom she would never have possible in her condition. The story also shows the vulnerability of those disabled patrons as a gang exploits the care of these vulnerable persons for their own gain. It is her ability that saves and protects those closest to her, and changes her world for the better.