Live stream event for the Gears

Live stream event the Gears will be featured at Jefferson County Library . $20.00 for the live stream, if you are in the Denver Metro Area $ 50.00 for limited seating.. Come one come all…

Date And Time
Fri, Nov 6, 2020, 3:30 PM MST
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What’s All The Commotion? by Jessie Glenn

What’s All The Commotion?
by Jessie Glenn

June 17th 2020 by Eldredge Books

isbn: 0997749148isbn13: 9780997749144

really reassuring for young students, the works are simple an the sentences with help can be read by the youngest of students. teachers can use this book to help children understand what is happening and how to explain the problems. and changes of the future social distancing.

Breaking the Cycle (Breakin’ in the 80s #3)

Breaking the Cycle (Breakin’ in the 80s #3)
by B.B. Swann

September 1st 2020 by Amazon Digital Services

Its a great young adult book for this generation. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I found this book demonstrating phenomenal reality for the time it was set in. It reminds me of many books that read at that time. I like the forward thinking idea that trade school is a option even in the 80’s. Something the youth of today need to see as viable. College is not the only option. I wish we could push that in education.

Out of the woods

Out of the Woods
by B.B. Swann

September 1st 2020 by Amazon Digital Services

isbn: 0998646695
isbn13: 9780998646695

What a great young adult book, would love to share it with my students in late elementary and middle school. The idea that limiting people by oppressively structured society is more universal now in the crisis we have lived in the last year. The magical society is restricted, which left many questioning if the ideas are right. The children affected most are the ones to stand up for their families, and their own choices. This book shows how the truth will free you. Great inspiration to young students.

Unreconciled (audible)

Unreconciled  (audible)

 by W. Michael Gear 

Narrated by: Alyssa Bresnahan


  “What happens next,” Michael Gear allows the reader to love a world incomprehensibly different and dangerous than Earth.  Having read the prior three books (Outpost, Abandoned, and Pariah), and listening to the Abandoned as I read this book, I am still amazed by his ability to find a new way to look at not only this remarkable world but Human nature.  In this series we have explored a new very dangerous world in Outpost, a ghost ship of diabolical nature , and supernatural appearance in Abandoned, and finally the devious nature of a man ready to control the universe in Pariah.  Unreconciled is just the beginning of what happens next. As the Ashanti appears on the edge of the solar system the reader is thrown into a nightmare of circumstances. The Freelander frightened readers as it appeared as a mausoleum to the dead, caught between one universe and another, it haunted you. Ashanti may be more frightening than a dead ship. Ashanti has a deck of survivors that are even more terrifying, the Unreconciled. In a  world where everything, I mean everything can kill you, now we have people that may make the Quetzal feel at home. The horrifically scarred bodies and religious nature of the Unreconciled show so much the nature of people trying to cope with insurmountable horror.  Michael’s ability to create villains that make even Steven King just an amature. Batuhan, is so overwhelmingly frightening in his role you may never have another religiously inspired villain that could match him. His absolute belief in his mission, even though he personally questions it, is frightening. Hearing his inner monolog, you get a thorough look into the convoluted mind of a man on the edge of sanity. His choices to not listen to Donovan’s orientation is the marked downfall of his power, his people and his own destruction. He dismisses the warning of the dangerous flora and fauna of Donovan, to the detriment of his people.  For those fans who have followed the series as I have, I will give you a warning, there is something more dangerous than Quetzals on Donovan.  Thank you Michael for this adventure in danger, nightmares that live, and a new science fictional epic.   

Alyssa Bresnahan Has a way of using her voice to add to the story, the feeling of emotion is more prominent as it is read aloud. Only missing Michaels ferocious nature when the characters are vexed. You walk in the world in a more ethereal way than just reading the story.  

Esme’s Wish (Esme Series #1)

Esme’s Wish (Esme Series #1)
by Elizabeth Foster

October 30th 2017 by Odyssey BooksISBN1925652246 (ISBN13: 9781925652246)

Esme series is the great beginning young adult book. The idea of a magical world connected to historical Greek gods and goddesses is just the beginning. Esme is a wonderful character that can teach children that they can do anything if they keep trying. The book looks into ideas of learning to rely on yourself but be open to friendship. The friendships she finds in this magical world helps her to understand her own gifts and the story of how her mother disappeared. The cliff hanger in the end will bring more readers to the series. Great job.

Hiding Cracked Glass (Perceptions of Glass #2)

Hiding Cracked Glass (Perceptions of Glass #2)

by James J. Cudney 

asin: B08F3YWTYX

isbn13: 9798690485511

I was privileged  to get a sneak peak at this mystery book  The story reveals how everyone has a secret. The Glass family is confronted with  a personal dilemma that affects each member of the family. A blackmail letter arrived at the Glass home. The letter was addressed to a member of the Glass family, but a series of unfortunate events whom the letter was addressed to was obscured. This spirals the family to look into each of their own personal problems. The confluence of events every member of the family has something that will cause them to be blackmailed. Only opening up to their own problems and facing them is the only solution.  I found it a compelling story with great character development. Many readers can connect with various characters in the book. The characters are dynamic and I found them worthwhile.

The Fifth Kingdom by Lisa M. James

The Fifth Kingdom
by Lisa M. James

February 29th 2020

This is a series of books bundled into one volume. The series is amazing in its depth and detail. Great for young readers as the main character deals with acceptance of self, acceptance of responsibly, and growing beyond the past mistakes. The main characters are vivid, and have so much they personally struggle with, not only their youth, but their decisions compel the reader to look beyond their actions and see how the past influences the actions of others. The book teaches about seeking forgiveness, finding trust, and learning to life with your own mistakes. Its a broad scope that needs be brought to the for ground.

The Dragon Keeper (Rain Wild Chronicles, #1) by Robin Hobb

The Dragon Keeper (Rain Wild Chronicles, #1)
by Robin Hobb

June 1st 2009 by Voyager
Original Title The Dragon Keeper
ISBN0007273746 (ISBN13: 9780007273744)

Robin Hobb is an amazing writer and this book brings a new world the reader. The Rain Wilds is an amazing place. Her depth of story telling is enrapturing. I found the dragon and the young dragons appealing, their story of hardship making a great setting for the story. The story of her rain wilds traders and bingtown traders is so dynamic. So amazing.. I found the book drawing me back to her world in a remarkably poignant idea.

The Galactic Pantheon Novellas by Alyce Caswell

The Galactic Pantheon Novellas
by Alyce Caswell

LGBTQIA | Romance

August 20th 2020


The Galactic Pantheon Novellas (Paperback)

isbn: 0648544435

isbn13: 9780648544432

Very enduring story of love, gods and goddesses. The book is explicit so for adult audiences. I found the characters remarkably drawn out, part of their appeal is the human nature of the gods. The writing harkens back to the ideals of Greek and Roman gods having powers with lesser level gods covering special areas. They have particular powers related to their area. The change is that this is on a galactic level, the gods and goddesses are in charge of the biomes of each of the worlds. They are able to teleport between their realms. some of the gods are very inclined to help the people of their biome and some are not.