New Titles for Gear books 2021

ICE LIONS “The Rewinding Chronicles” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear May 4, 2021  Daw

  • k: ASIN: B08FZL9QR9
  • N:978-0756415846
  • ISBN-10: 0756415845
  • ISBN-13: 978-0756415846

Adrift (Donovan Book 5) DAW by W. Michael Gear DAW (June 1, 2021)

  • n: ISBN-13: 9780756417178
  • k: ASIN : B08JKP57XB
  • ISBN-10 : 0756417163
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0756417161

Donavan book 6 Daw by W. Michael Gear

  • tba


  • June 2021
  • ISBN 978-1-64734-272-2

Implacable ALPHA  W. Michael Gear, Daw

  • April 2022

ICE Ghost “volume 2: Ice Lion” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear Daw

  • Tba

ICE LIONS “volume 3” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear Daw

  • Tba

LIGHTNING SHELL (People of the Morning Star book V) Forge by Kathleen O’neal Gear W. Michael Gear

  • Tba (delivered june 2021)

FRACTURE EVENT (english translation:Der Eden Effekt) By Michael and Kathleen Gear Wolfpack Press

  • TBA (2021)

 THE FOUNDATION by Michael Gear Wolfpack Press

  • TBA

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Band of Sisters

Band of Sisters (Audible Audio)

by Lauren Willig

March 2nd 2021 by Harper Audio
Original Title Band of Sisters

isbn: 0062986155

isbn13: 9780062986153

This is an amazing tale that Lauren Willig found by chance in the informational search for Christmas Celebrations of France in World War I. The Smith College Relief Unit volunteers left America to help French civilians decimated by the German war machine. The Group of 18 women left with money and support and supplies within 8 miles of the front. The daily sound of war and battle punctuate the silence of the devastated region. The people they help barely have a roof over their combined heads, they have little else. The volunteers struggle in the cold, mud and devastation, to provide warmth, and comfort to the destitute villages in their care. Lauren Willig, uses the letters to make this inspirational story of hardship and triumph. These women on the cusp of suffrage, and independence face astonishing odds only to find their own strength. I marvel at how she brought the story to light, and invites her readers to learn more. We have lost so many stories, war left to statistics how many lost, how many bullets, not the cost in men, women, and children and their world devastated. 

The reader has a remarkable way of making the story stand out, the voices she uses shows not only the differences in the characters, but the tone, and ideology behind the characters. Its an amazing story. 

The Forger’s Daughter

The Forger’s Daughter

by Bradford Morrow

September 8th 2020 by Mysterious Press
Original Title The Forger’s Daughter
ISBN0802149251 (ISBN13: 9780802149251)

Learned a remarkable amount about Poe and his early edition than I ever thought I would want to know. The idea that his first print was a set of poems not even accepted by publishers lets the reader know how capricious the literary world is. That the Black Tulip (Tamerlane) would be so rare as to find its worth long after his death, with only 12 known copies, coveted by collectors, libraries, and museums. Another copy appearing even with limit  Provenance would make a great boon for any involved. 

Morrow’s mystery of two forgers producing a replication of a 13th copy, to replace the original owner’s paplet is intriguing. The detail he went into for the printing, and creation of the replication is amazing. The confounded relationship of forgers and their sources is brought into the story give it a seed of reality.

Take It Back

Take It Back

by Kia Abdullah

The remarkable story of English law, Muslim conflict, and sexual violence. The story of an English disabled white girl gang raped by Muslim boys from her school. The story highlights the problems with sexual violence, the miss conceptions and miss understandings of the law and the public response to interracial violence. The political conflict because of racial and religious differences feather the pages raising the violence and conflict in the story. Unfortunately rape on any continent has many problems, women and girls who report rape are not accepted, nor understood. They are accused of miss understandings, or maligned intentions, anything but acceptance of their story. The public greed for proving the girl(woman) is at fault is universal. The idea that the perpetrators are innocent is universal. Unfortunately this story only shows how vile this type of trial is and how overwhelming public reaction can make matters only worse. It is heart rendering in its undertaking. 

Winter of the Wolf

Winter of the Wolf
by Martha Hunt Handler

July 7th 2020 by Greenleaf Book Group

isbn: 1626347182
isbn13: 9781626347182

Written by the author after the death of a friend’s child because of auto-erotism asphyxiation (AEA). This book opens the readers eyes to the reality of suicide by asphyxiations may not be a simple thing. Bean is faced with the sudden death of her brother, left with the mystery of how he died, her family, her world is reeling. The grief is overwhelming for all of them in different ways. They are left with unanswered questions, and what information they have is contradictory. Sam’s Inuit beliefs color the pages of the book, the spiritual nature of how he sees things is controversial by the nature of his death. It is a struggle that all families face in the situation of suicide. The self doubt, and world imploding nature of the act of suicide is more universal then the writer may know. It is a heart rending story that shows the true nature of belief, and the spiritual nature of the world may help with grief. I hope that parents share this story, even in part with their children reminding them that these games are deadly.


By MJ Preston
ISBN-10 : 1948239094
ISBN-13 : 978-1948239097
asin: B08DCHPJF3

A very dark look into the mind of a serial killer. With multiple points of view from the killer to the FBI chasing him. The detailed events of death and dismemberment are hauntingly frightening. I found some parts of his mind so dark and formidable that it was a jagged pill to swallow. How different from other books I have read, the twists and turns of this killer. How he plans and executes his crimes to his reasoning and acceptance of it. How he views himself is spelled out in a disparaging display of dark manipulation of facts and people. From his first crime to the jaw dropping cliff hanger M J Preston has the reader by the cuff, beating into them the twisted reality of these men. 

The ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games, #0)

by Suzanne Collins

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games, #0)
isbn: 1338635174
isbn13: 9781338635171

I listened to the Audible version of this book since I gave the hard copy to my daughter to enjoy. I found it amazing how much Suzanne Collins filled in the questions and made the story better with the addition of this book. You know so many things like the origin of the song “hanging tree”. Why had there not been a victor from 12? There is so much that I learn in this story, not just the backstory of Snow. I am amazed at the 10th annual Hunger Games and how things changed because of the advent and implementation of the games. 

The reader does a great job of adding his voice to the story. He uses the range of his voice not only for the characters but to enliven the story.

the Hollow Places

The Hollow Places 

by T. Kingfisher

October 6th 2020 by Gallery / Saga Press
Original Title The Hollow Places
ISBN1534451129 (ISBN13: 9781534451124)

Based of the the horror book The Willows by Algernon Black wood, nominated as the scariest book ever written by H. P. Lovecraft, this story is amazingly frightening. I had nightmares just reading this story. Take this review as a warning. A hole in the wall crosses between worlds, allows a young woman, newly divorced, to find a horrific world. Her personal struggles are overshadowed by the horrific nature of the world she has found. She is overwhelmed in the horror of the Willows, and lost in the mysterious nature of the hole between worlds. It’s a cunning mystery, and a devious horror of a story.