Falling Up

Falling Up
Silverstein, Shel532861

  • January 24th 2006
  • by HarperCollins (first published January 1st 1996)
  • Original TitleFalling Up
  • ISBN0060248025
  • (ISBN13: 9780060248024)

a collection of poems, that i read first to my children when they were born. I rad it over the years as they grew up. This book and the other poem collection books have been my go to when i need to entertain small children and even 5th graders for a moment. the kids will sit and listen to any of the poems always looking for which is the funniest, what picture is just the right picture. They find that the poetry is entertaining and many times the kids have to read all the books for themselves.

a light in the attic

A Light in the Attic
by Shel Silverstein30118

  • October 7th 2002
  • by Harpercollins Childrens Books
  • (first published October 7th 1981)
  • Original Title A Light in the Attic
  • ISBN0060513063
  • (ISBN13: 9780060513061)

a great collection of oral read poems that entertain young and old alike
one of the first books i read to both of my children just after they were born.
Year after year I have found this book a help when i need to entertain the children for a moment. The kids love finding new poems and love the humor. They can not go without looking at the pictures.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings
Silverstein, Shel240008

  • November 20th 1974
  • by Harper Collins (first published 1974)
  • Original Title Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein
  • ISBN0060256672
  • (ISBN13: 9780060256678)

love the poems first books i read to both of my children right after they were born.
I have memorized many of the poems.
I read the books over and over again to classroom after classroom.
I can read the Unicorn at the rate of an auctioneer. Which makes all my students amazed. But its just something I can do cause i memorized the poem in fourth grade.
I am giving this book this year to one of my little ones as she begins her new generation and her child will be born.

Blood Rose by Rachael Vaughn

Blood Rose
by Rachael Vaughn47939809._SY475_

  • isbn: 1733782737
  • isbn13: 9781733782739
  • Published November 22nd 2019
  • by Glasswing Press LLC

Looking at your epic story of an adventure in another land Blood Rose is a great jaunt into a world of imagination. A young woman devastated by the sudden loss of her family has changed her entire life in a moment. She has moved to a small town. Found a job, that she is over qualified for and found a place to relax. All of this changes when magic comes into her life. Rose finds herself in a land of large bugs, talking mice, and people remarkably odd, and kind. Will she risk everything to save a world that is dying because it has been cut off from Roses world. The book hints at a next story that will be even more spectacular.
This is a great book for young adults teaching them that kindness has a reward beyond the moment. Children learn that love is universal, and that imagination is unlimited. The character of Rose is a role model for young readers that have faced their difficulties and learned to find new experiences, new friends and a new life without being held back by their prior experience.
I would recommend this book not only for its imagination but for its positive message to my schools, and all other libraries trying to find a connection to their students.

The Protective One (Walnut Creek #3)

The Protective One (Walnut Creek #3)
by Shelley Shepard Gray

  • 46221986January 21st 2020
  • by Gallery Books
  • Original Title The Protective One
  • ISBN1982100915
  • (ISBN13: 9781982100919)

This book is coming out at the right time. With the new release of Little women movie in another century, this book allows the reader a look into the world of the Mennonites and the Quaker ideology. The reader will find that modern problems with relationships is not limited to the city or the modern woman. E.A. finds that her long term suitor is not the ideal he protests he is. When she begins to question his behavior she finds it intolerable. This realization will change her whole life as she soul searches for her right path. She finds support not only in her family but her long time friends.
The book also shows the reader that small town life does not inhibit spousal abuse. Shelley Shepard Gray uses a number of viewpoints to show young girls and women that they are not alone in their struggles and that they will find support not only in the community but in those they already have a round them. I think it’s important that modern readers face this struggle in this safe format. Like Anne McCaffrey’s The Lady, this book looks to the solution to a problem that many people think is an intolerable situation. Thank you for helping women in this situation to find a way out of these situations.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville #1)

Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville #1)14461._SY475_

by Carrie Vaughn

  • November 1st 2005
  • by Grand Central Publishing
  • Original Title Kitty and the Midnight Hour
  • ISBN0446616419
  • ISBN13: 9780446616416)


A book of its time and a book for the ages. Kitty series is a book for its time. The book shows the short time resurgence of the radio talk show. The great popularity of the radio talk show hosts. In the early 2000’s Howard Stern and other dj or radio talk show hosts were finding fame and fortune with their shows. Most of these dealt with extreme cultural natures, and verbose clashes.  Kitty takes this one step further by giving discussion to the supernatural world. She finds fame and renown as the callers ask her for advice. But her new fame, and fortune will change her life. After she was turned into a brutal double attack, that made her a werewolf, she has been held back and babied. Her exposure on the radio will change everything. 

The book is a remarkable start to a series, creating a series for the ages, taking the supernatural world into the modern world. Her stories bring historical supernatural creatures into the modern age and history. I have already started the next book in the series, almost as if I have been turned into this genre in a new way. 


Wait Until Dark (Maximum Security #0.5)

Wait Until Dark (Maximum Security #0.5)
by Kat Martin40241946

  • November 1st 2018
  • by HQN Books
  • Original Title Wait Until Dark
  • ASINB07D7XR8P2

added as a bonus story on the end of the the grocery store edition of the Conspiracy. The story of the interaction between Jonah his client April. April Vale has been found in the bed of one of her coworkers, covered in blood. Its the beginning of the mystery. Although her co worker was killed with her gun, in an apparent, attempted rape case after she had been drugged the story is not obvious. The whole plot behind the book is interesting and nearly unbelievable. the Story has a great romantic connection between the main characters as they find a way to solve the mystery and keep April alive.
Kat Martin does a great job creating a short story that invites the reader into the Maximum security series.

The Conspiracy (Maximum Security #1)

The Conspiracy (Maximum Security #1)
by Kat Martin39929060._SY475_

  • January 22nd 2019
  • by HQN Books
  • Original Title Until Midnight
  • ASINB07C14Q9M2

I am amazed at how complicated this story was. Not only kidnappings, and brutal public attacks and graphic violence the story in this book has a twisted plot. I was at the edge of the page every twist and turn of the way. Harper Winston has a large mystery in her life and the source of the problem is with in her own family. Her brother is kidnapped in South America, and her drive to save him brings in his old best friend. The plot only thickens from there. The romantic connection between Harper and Chase drive the tension up a notch as they struggle with reconciling their own family history and their intense physical attraction.